Ring of the Day: Your Body is a Temple

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By Unknown
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Antique Jewish Wedding Rings

Well, your finger will certainly be one!

King of the Forest

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Via: Etsy user munieca
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Designed by Etsy user munieca

Didn't think it was possible for Totoro to look anymore cute-strung-out, but hey, I guess my imagination has its limits.

Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe

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Via: LatFG
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And by that I mean, "don't paint it on your nails."

Wherever I Go, Jane Goes

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Via: BagChemistry on Etsy
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Designed by Etsy user BagChemistry

Sorry, this Jane Austen Bag only supports leather-bound first editions. Your Kindle may burst into flame upon insertion.

These Will Have to Do

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Via: Metsa
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Designed by Metsa

If there ever was a greater indication that our oceans are in jeopardy, it's that oysters are now coughing up cement.

Ring of the Day: Owl Nice

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Via: Jewellry by Calista
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Designed by Rosie Fox

OK, so owls aren't really known so much for their great personalities as for their wisdom. Because you can be wise and still be a jerk.